Global Outreach


Global Outreach Ministry         The mission of Global Outreach is to create a loving community of hope where those in great need can sense God’s love, grace, and presence through us.  We seek to improve the quality of life through meeting needs , building and promoting trust, seeking  justice, strengthening human dignity, and building strong, spiritual networks. We bring help where it is needed, here at home or in communities throughout the world. The members of this ministry pray together to discern a need for outreach and an opportunity for Christian fellowship, then Global Outreachthey reach out as the Holy Spirit directs.

The Global Outreach international and domestic activities often involve our parish youth and families and members of the greater community.Global Outreach Ministry has completed projects like:  building homes and medical facilities in impoverished regions of Mexico; providing computers, books, and solar electricity for remote rural schools and hospital clinics in Tanzania; manufacturing therapeutic baby food for malnourished infants in Uganda; building a middle school in Ethiopia, helping bring electricity, clean water and

At Leogane orphenage, Haiti

medical supplies to rural communities in East Africa, helping build a wing onto a hospital in Haiti; remodeling a special needs school in Peru and provided teachers with instructional classroom strategies.



Jim and Julie arrive in Haiti

Some Global Outreach activities in the US included:  providing emergency relief aid to victims of the Katrina hurricane; remodeling an aging but active elementary school in the Mississippi Delta; providing school books for under-funded schools in the United States, distributing warm winter coats at homeless shelters in Denver and Chicago; hosting a Spanish class for adults and Spanish Bible Story Hour for children in our local

Kel Mcdavid helps distribute winter coats

community; and building conventional homes for the Dine people on the Navajo reservation in Gallup, New Mexico.

Parishioners at Samaritan House              

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