Bible Study

bible study

An adult Bible Study Group meets to reflect on the Scriptures and to gain a deeper understanding based on the history and texts concerning Scripture.

The purpose of the Bible Study Group is:

  • To meet the need for spiritual growth by bringing each of us closer to God and his revealed Word.
  • To fulfill the need for Christian fellowship, support and encouragement.
  • To meet the need for strength in the face of temptation and trial.
  • To learn in order to love and serve others.
  • To practice the Credo that understanding and responding in faith to the Word of God is the foundation of all Christian life and action.
  • The group meets on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 12 Noon in the Charlie Bright Center (church basement). Please join if you desire to learn more about the Scriptures. All are welcome.

    If you need more information, call the Parish Office at 303-322-1119.