Ministry of Usher

The purpose of this ministry is to make the warmth and welcome of Christ more real in our parish. Ushers help our Church to be a warm, loving family by greeting parishioners and guests and tending to their needs. As ministers of hospitality, Ushers will always make sure that each guest feels welcomed, wanted, valued and special. They also assist the priests and other liturgical

Millary and Kirk ushering

ministers in maintaining the sanctity and orderly proceedings of Parish Masses and liturgical events. Ushers set an example for appropriate dress, behavior and conduct. They assist all persons in making their presence at Cure d’Ars Church a fulfilling and warm experience. The origin of ushers dates back to the early church when services were held in homes or in the catacombs of Rome.

There was a need for guides to assist people in finding their way to the new, often persecuted, religion of Christianity. Our ushers receive training and support from current members of this ministry and the bonds of friendship which develop from being a part of this ministry. If you attend Mass regularly, why not help make this sacred celebration a family affair by joining our team of ushers? There can never be too many ushers and your kind smile may make all the difference in a parishioner’s or visitor’s desire to come back and celebrate God’s goodness and love. If you feel a calling to this ministry, or would like further information, please call the Parish Office at 303-322-1119. We look forward to seeing you. Training is provided for those wishing to join this ministry.