Environment Group


The Liturgical Environmentalist is that person who, conscious of the liturgical celebration, creates an atmosphere within the worship area that enhances the prayer life of the church community, inviting to those who enter the sanctuary coming to place themselves in the presence of God.

Functions include:  1) how to prepare for Sunday or special occasions Eucharistic celebration within the parish; 2) the reason for planning; 3) what is encompassed within the scope of the planning; 4) the role of liturgy committee in light of the Sunday or special worship; and, 5) the role of the liturgical environmentalists.

The committee may accept items (such as statues, vases, hanging sacred pictures and other items) if fitting to the environment plans.  The committee, at all times must be prepared for making the church presentable for the celebration of the Eucharist.    A complete training is given to those who wish to volunteer in serving on the Church Environmentalist committee

For more information, call the Parish Office at 303-322-1119.